5 of the Most Common Chimney Repairs

Now that the weather’s starting to cool off, you may be thinking about the warm glow from your fireplace. The best way to ensure fireplace safety this winter is to make sure your chimney is in good condition. A professional inspection can make sure you don’t have any problems or repairs that need to be addressed before you build a fire. Here are 5 of the most common issues requiring chimney repair in Marietta, GA.

Cracked Flue

If your chimney is older and has a flue made of clay, a cracked flue is one of the most common problems you may face. The flue is subjected to high temperatures and a lot of stress, so after time the clay tiles will break, which poses significant danger. Heat from the fire can escape through these cracks and possibly catch the home on fire. In addition, carbon monoxide may leak through the chimney and into the home.

Crumbling Masonry

Crumbling masonry may happen with age or it may occur prematurely due to poor-quality mortar or craftsmanship. Regardless of the cause, deteriorating mortar allows moisture to enter and build up in the chimney, which causes the brickwork to crumble. This significantly impacts the chimney’s ability to function properly.

Broken Chimney Cap

A missing or broken chimney cap is another common chimney repair in Marietta, and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Chimney caps serve more than an aesthetic purpose; in fact, a chimney cap protects your chimney and home from debris, rain, snow, birds, and rodents. It also ensures the chimney is properly ventilated so that the draft flows as it should.


Blockages can happen because of animal or bird nests or because of debris buildup following disuse. That’s why a professional inspection is recommended to locate and remove any blockages before the fireplace is used.

Creosote Buildup

Creosote buildup is another repair that chimney sweeps often take care of. Creosote is the black or brown tar-like substance that eventually builds up on the inside of the chimney. It can build up enough to actually block the chimney, but it also increases fire danger because it’s extremely flammable. Call Atlanta Chimney Doctor so qualified chimney sweep can regularly remove this buildup and keep the chimney working properly, preventing fires.