4 Benefits of Replacing Your Chimney Liner with Stainless Steel

Chimney liners are a vital component of a safe chimney because they prevent gases and smoke from gaining access to your home. In addition, they help prevent house fires by keeping these hot gases inside the chimney and away from combustible materials in your home. When considering chimney relining, chimney repair marietta, there are 4 key benefits of stainless steel liners you should think about.


A stainless steel liner is the safest material available because it won’t develop cracks the way clay tile liners do. The liner is completely sealed, protecting your home from harmful creosote, carbon dioxide, and smoke.


Stainless steel liners last for many years because they are resistant to corrosion. You won’t have to worry about damage to the surrounding masonry of your chimney because the seal on the liner is durable as well.

More Economical

Steel liners are much more affordable than other types of liners because the initial installation is less labor intensive. So not only do you save money on your initial investment, but you will save money down the road because you won’t need to make expensive repairs as you would with a clay liner. In addition, because steel liners are easier to keep clean and maintain, you won’t spend as much money having your chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep.


Steel liners can have additional insulation fitted around the liner, which can increase the efficiency of your home. This insulation makes it easier for the air to exit the chimney completely because it doesn’t cool down and allow creosote to build up. This additional insulation also reduces cold air downdrafts when the fireplace or stove is not being used. Stainless steel liners also make it possible for you to have higher efficiency appliances because they often require a stainless steel liner. More efficient appliances combined with an efficient chimney liner can drastically reduce your utility bills. Contact us today for quality stainless steel chimney liner installation in Marietta.