What to Expect from a Routine Chimney Inspection

As the weather begins to warm with the changing of the season, you’re probably realizing your chimney needs a bit of attention. Throughout the cold winter months, you’ve probably been using your fireplace more. This means your chimney has been working just as hard, and with that work, unseen problems can arise. Thus, it would be wise of you to consult a chimney sweep. They can perform an inspection to be sure that your chimney is operating in perfect condition or perform a simple chimney cleaning in Marietta. Here are some things that you can expect from your chimney inspection.


Burning wood in a fireplace creates a sticky, flammable substance. This substance is known as creosote, and it sticks to the liner or walls of your chimney. During the inspection, the chimney sweep will look at the amount of buildup and remove it professionally. This is important to not only the proper operation of your chimney but also to the safety of your home. Many chimney fires are caused by creosote buildup. Fire safety organizations suggest that you have your chimney inspected by a certified professional yearly in order to prevent potential fire hazards due to creosote buildup.


You may be wondering what kind of objects can obstruct the airflow through your chimney. There are many things, such as twigs or leaves, that can restrict the airflow and cause your fires to be starved. You may even be surprised to find animal nests or homes. The animals themselves may even be blocking your chimney. You can help prevent these problems by having a chimney cap installed, or you can simply let the chimney sweep remove the obstructions as they’ve been trained to do. Usually, a simple chimney cleaning is all you will need, but there could be more problems, which is what the rest of the inspection is for.

Structural Problems

As with any structure, there are bound to be issues that arise with your chimney. No structures are permanent after all. Over time, cracks may start to appear in the chimney walls. This causes water to leak into your chimney and cause even more damage. Extreme weather can also cause unexpected structural damage. A trained professional can repair any damage that they find through the inspection as well as fill in any cracks with an industrial-grade sealant.

Water Damage

Leaking chimneys are no small problem. As previously stated, water leaking into the chimney can cause serious damage to the structure of your chimney. Water is one of the strongest forces in nature, and it can erode the material of your chimney. As the water gets stuck in cracks and expands with each freeze, the cracks grow. Eventually, the water will cause those cracks to grow to the point that the structural integrity of your chimney will be compromised.

Chimney Caps

A chimney cap is secured to the top opening of your chimney. Chimney caps can help to protect your chimney from obstructions through debris and water for long periods of time, but they aren’t impervious to damage. They will need to be repaired or replaced as they get older. When your chimney cap has deteriorated, it’s no longer doing anything to protect your chimney. A professional can repair or replace the chimney cap as needed to keep your chimney operating correctly.

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