Understanding the Importance of Correct Chimney Rain Cap Installation

A chimney may seem like a simple extension to a home’s construction. But in reality, a fireplace may have as many as 22 parts, depending on its type. No matter how simple or how complex your fireplace is, one of the most important components is the chimney cap.

Chimney Cap

The chimney cap keeps debris, animals, moisture, and downdrafts from coming down the flue. Through years of experience, we’ve learned that the Georgia humidity does not affect the type of chimney cap that works well for homes in the Atlanta area. But before purchasing or installing a new chimney cap, we recommend consulting with a chimney specialist who has experience in selling and servicing chimney rain caps in Marietta, Georgia, and the surrounding area.


Correct installation is vital for a fireplace to work properly. A chimney cap that is installed incorrectly can cause draft problems, which could allow smoke to enter the home instead of being pulled up the flue and released outdoors. And in some cases, if there is a draft issue, not only is lighting fires in the fireplace difficult, heat output is poor, and a persistent smoke odor exists in the home.


If the chimney and fireplace have not been inspected in the past year, we highly recommend you do so. Clogged flues or a structurally unsound chimney is a safety hazard, and could cost thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Contact a professional who can not only inspect the chimney, but suggest the proper chimney rain cap in Marietta, Georgia.