Top Reasons Your Chimney Needs Repairs in Roswell

A damaged chimney left for too long can cause numerous problems. These problems include structural integrity issues, increased risk of fire, gas exposure inside your home, and water leaking into your chimney. Unfortunately, these problems can be extremely dangerous and costly as well. Here are some top reasons you may need chimney repairs and how a chimney sweep in Roswell can help you know when to get these repairs.

Missing or Broken Chimney Cap

A missing or broken chimney cap is one of the easiest repairs to make. The cap is responsible for keeping moisture out of the chimney, as well as pests and other debris like leaves and garbage. Although this may sound like an easy repair, it’s an important one because, without the cap, you may get a blockage in your chimney, which can be dangerous. It can also allow rain and snow to enter your chimney, which can turn into a bigger problem once the moisture starts to expand and contract.

Broken Crown

If you don’t regularly make it a habit to climb on the roof and inspect the chimney cap or crown, it’s a good idea to get regular chimney inspections to make sure the technician can spot any problems with either of these chimney components. The crown can sustain damage from settling or shrinkage, which will initially cause small cracks in the chimney. These cracks will grow larger as moisture penetrates, which can become serious because this will allow water to continue down into your chimney. When water enters the chimney through a broken crown, it often seeps between the flue liner and the chimney. Some cracks can be repaired, while more major cracks may require a crown replacement.

Deteriorating Mortar

The bricks on your chimney usually far outlast the mortar joints between the masonry. Again, penetrating moisture is the main concern when the mortar starts to deteriorate because it can easily spread and make larger cracks develop. Once this starts to occur, the structural integrity of the entire chimney is at risk, and you might be left with a crumbling or collapsing chimney, which is a far more expensive repair than having the mortar repaired.

Flue Damage

The flue can sustain damage by spalling, which is when the surface of the brick or stone begins to flake or peel off. This is often the cause of chunks of masonry falling off on the outside of your chimney. Replacing spalling masonry can help prevent total collapse. Shaling is similar to spalling, but it happens when the inside of the flue tile starts breaking off. If you see bits of tile in the hearth, it’s likely that your flue is shaling and needs to be repaired or replaced with a stainless steel liner.


Rust on either the damper or the firebox is indication that there’s too much moisture in the chimney. This should be examined right away not only to prevent further chimney damage but to prevent dangers from a deteriorating flue.

Moisture Problems

In addition to rust, you may notice signs of moisture problems if the wallpaper in your home is damaged or if there’s white staining on the outside of your chimney. Either of these problems indicates the need for repair.

Creosote Cleaning

Chimney cleaning in Roswell can help avoid the need for major repairs due to fire. Creosote buildup is extremely flammable, and your chances of a chimney or house fire greatly increase if the buildup gets too thick. To schedule your cleaning or repairs, contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor today.