Top Reasons Why Chimneys Leak

Water leaks are one of the biggest problems for chimneys in both factory-built and masonry styles. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your home in Marietta has a chimney leak. The cause of the leak may not be related to a single culprit, but additional factors that are also contributing to the problem.

Common Chimney Leak Causes

  • Roofing materials, located next to or above the chimney, are damaged or faulty, allowing water to leak into the chimney itself or between the roof boards.
  • Flashing is sheet metal which is installed to create a watertight seal between the house and the chimney. If it was not installed correctly, or has reached the end of its service life, water seeps in, causing damage.
  • Missing mortar or cracked joints in the masonry allow moisture to work its way into the masonry.
  • Bricks are porous and, over time, can soak up water like a sponge, which causes them to deteriorate.
  • Cracks in the chimney crown or cap allow water to enter, which can freeze in colder temperatures and create bigger cracks or allow moisture to enter the flue.

Repairing the Leak

If you suspect a moisture issue in or around the chimney, it is best to address the problem quickly by calling a professional who specializes in chimney leak repair in Marietta. The repair could be made by simply applying a sealant or by replacing a faulty component, but a visual inspection is necessary to ensure the source of the problem is identified and repaired.