The Importance of Chimney Inspections in Acworth

Chimneys are exposed to the most extreme elements, including water, wind, fire, and the byproducts of combustion. All of these elements combined can wreak havoc on the different components of your chimney, not only making it weaker over time but possibly exposing you to the many hazards associated with a damaged chimney. That’s why it’s important to get regular chimney inspections in Acworth. Here are some things you need to consider.

Types of Inspections

One of the most important things to understand is that there are different levels of chimney inspections. A chimney sweep should be contacted yearly for the first level of inspection. This inspection looks at the general structural integrity of your chimney and looks for any obstructions. It also checks the level of creosote buildup to determine if a cleaning is necessary now or not. This is basically just a visual inspection. The next level of inspection should be done anytime you purchase a new home or install a new appliance. It’s also important if you notice a problem with the chimney or there’s a weather event that may have caused damage to your chimney. This inspection includes video footage of the flue’s interior, and the technician will also use a crawlspace, attic, or other means of access to inspect the chimney more thoroughly. Finally, a level three inspection is necessary when there’s a danger detected that often requires the removal or destruction of parts of the chimney to make the necessary repairs. Here are some safety reasons you should have these inspections as needed.

Fire Danger

You’re at a much higher risk of experiencing a fire if your chimney isn’t regularly inspected and cleaned. The creosote can build up after time and easily ignite from embers going up the chimney. In fact, creosote can catch fire at certain temperatures without being lit by embers. Creosote is extremely flammable, which is why it’s important to have it removed before it passes a certain thickness. A chimney fire can quickly spread to the rest of your home, so it’s best to minimize the damage by having an inspection to ensure there’s not extensive creosote buildup.

Gas Exposure

Another potential danger of a malfunctioning chimney is the potential for exposure to harmful gases. When a chimney is working properly, it directs carbon monoxide out of the home. Since this gas is odorless and invisible, it’s impossible to know when you’re being exposed to it until you suffer health effects. Exposure to high amounts can actually be lethal. There are numerous reasons carbon monoxide may enter your home. One possibility is that there are obstructions in the chimney like pests or their nests that cause the smoke and gas to back up into the home. A broken damper can also prevent dangerous fumes from leaving your home. Damage to the chimney’s flue or masonry can also allow gas to seep into your home without your knowledge. A regular inspection can locate these problems and ensure they’re fixed before you suffer any ill effects of gas exposure.

Chimney Damage

Finally, you can often save yourself substantial expenses on major repair or replacement costs by having regular inspections. Inspections and chimney cleaning in Acworth can identify potential problems at early stages so that you can avoid the dangers of a damaged chimney and also get repairs done before they become more serious. To schedule your chimney inspection contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor today.