Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Chimney

When the weather is warm, you may not be thinking about fireplace or chimney safety and how you can keep them in good condition for winter. However, summer is the perfect time to think about chimney repair in Marietta, GA, because a repair technician can easily assess its condition and what steps to take in order to ensure it works well throughout the winter. Here’s what you should do this summer to make sure your fireplace and chimney are ready to go this winter.

Install a Cap

A chimney cap is important during the summer months because it helps keep pests and debris out of your chimney. This will make it easier to use your chimney when the time comes and substantially reduces the likelihood that you’ll have a pest infestation that starts in your chimney. It’s also helpful during the winter to keep embers from starting your roof on fire. If you have a chimney cap already, make sure the mess is in good condition.

Get an Inspection

Schedule a chimney inspection to see if any chimney repair in Marietta is needed. The inspector will be able to locate any damage, cracks, leaks, or blockages that could prevent your chimney from venting smoke properly. The inspection will identify areas of concern that could be dangerous for your home and its occupants, especially if gases are leaking into the home.

Get a Cleaning

Along with a chimney inspection, it’s a good idea to have your chimney swept as well. Chimney sweeps are more difficult to schedule during the fall and winter, so calling during the summer will make it easier to have your chimney ready for use as the weather cools down.

Complete Repairs

If the technician finds repairs that are needed on your chimney, be sure to complete the necessary repairs without delay. You may be tempted to wait until you actually need to use your fireplace, but it will be easier to schedule the repairs and the repairs are easier to make when the fireplace doesn’t need to be used. In addition, underestimating the importance of repairs can increase the likelihood of a chimney fire and of dangerous gases leaking into your home when there are cracks or leaks that need to be repaired and sealed.