Reasons Why You May Find Chimney Leaks at Home

The summer sun won’t last forever. Soon, the leaves will fall and the temperature will drop. If your chimney is leaking, you could find yourself out in the cold once winter hits. Your chimney is an integral part of your fireplace, so it’s important to maintain and inspect it regularly. When a leak is detected, it’s important to determine the source and call for chimney repair in Alpharetta. But, just where is that leak coming from?

An Inadequate Chimney Cover

Your chimney needs to be protected when rain and snow start to fall. If you don’t have a chimney cover, or if the one currently installed doesn’t fit properly, you’ll find that rain, sleet, and snow can fall right down into your fireplace. What you may think is a leak may just be rain pouring in after a storm due to insufficient coverage. Installing a cover is the best way to reduce the entrance of water and prevents  animals and debris from becoming lodged in your chimney.

Cracks in the Crown

The crown of your chimney is located on the very top of the structure. It’s typically made of cement and holds the bricks or the surrounding tile together. The purpose of the crown is to prevent water from destroying the surrounding area of your chimney. If your home begins to shift or if your crown experiences shrinkage after installation, it can cause cracks. Then, if it begins to rain, the water will seep right through the cracks and leak through your chimney. Repairing cracks is best left to the professionals. Depending on the extent of the damage, a completely new crown may need to be installed.

Chimney Flashing

A large majority of chimney leaks can be traced to the flashing. The flashing around your chimney prevents water from leaking through the place where your chimney meets your roof. Typically, there’s a large gap between the chimney and the roof. If this space isn’t properly sealed, it’s easy for water to seep through and cause leaks. An aluminum flashing is the best way to deflect water and prevent future leaks.

Damaged Exterior

Whether you have stones or bricks surrounding your chimney, if they aren’t properly secured, they could be the source of your leak. As your chimney thaws and freezes due to the weather, it’s normal for the mortar around your stones and bricks to crack. Over time, these cracks begin to let in water. To fix this issue, enlist the help of a professional repair company. They’ll have the tools and materials necessary to waterproof your chimney and repair any cracks that may be present.

Other Water Damage

Sometimes your leaky chimney isn’t really your leaky chimney. In some cases, your leaky roof could be the culprit. If your attic vent or a batch of faulty roof shingles is causing a leak, water could travel all the way down to your chimney. When this happens, it may appear the problem lies within your chimney when, in all actuality, the leak is from another source entirely. Having the leak examined by a professional is the best way to establish exactly where the leak is originating from.

No matter what’s causing your chimney leak, it’s always best to leave the repair to the professionals. Their expertise makes chimney water leak repair in Alpharetta, GA, easier than handling things on your own. It’ll be done right the first time, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of your fireplace. Serving: Acworth, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Dallas, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs and more.