How Hazardous Can a Dirty Chimney Be?

If your chimney is dirty, you are risking smoke in the house and a house fire. At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, LLC in Roswell, GA, we have had both happen when a homeowner has not accounted for creosote buildup or blockages created by debris falling into the flue.

Single Family House Fire

Known to the American Red Cross as the silent disaster because these types of fires do not get much media attention, the single family house fire is the disaster that the Red Cross responds to most. Some of these fires start with the chimney. By using a good chimney cleaning company in Roswell, GA, you do not have to face the same risk.

Bad Air

Salt Lake City, which is becoming known for its air inversion and its bad air quality, has banned fires in fireplaces because of the hazardous air it creates. A blocked chimney can cause the smoke and chemicals from you fire to back into the home. For many people this is a minor inconvenience, quickly relieved by opening a door and windows. For some, this type of air could lead to asthma attacks or allergic reactions.

Finding a chimney sweep in Roswell, GA, and getting him or her to clean your chimney can help prevent both of these problems. Not only will chimney sweeps clean your chimney, they may also spot other potential hazards that can be easily repaired before they become a dire problem. That may be why shaking a chimney sweep’s hand is considered lucky in some countries.