Are There Different Types of Caps for Different Climates?

We love helping people better understand why chimney caps in Atlanta are such good investments to make for anyone who has a wood-burning fireplace. These caps can keep your chimney clean and safe, and prevents certain critters from trying to become unwanted tenants. 

As we live and work in a very specific climate, we get asked often if the chimney caps in Atlanta are any different from the chimney caps that would be installed in any other climate. Our climate is humid, warm, and doesn’t experience large changes in temperature during the year. Other climates, like that found in Arizona, are dry and arid, and experience temperatures in the triple digits all year round. There are also places like Minnesota that can get very hot in the summer and incredibly cold in the winter.

Despite the major differences that are found in different areas of the country, we feel safe in saying that the purpose and need for chimney caps does not change at all no matter what is happening with the weather. This means that the prescribed product really would not change at all due to the humidity levels or seasonal differences.

There are, however, some things that would change the type of cap that would be used for different projects. Some of those things that would necessitate a change are as follows:

  • Multiple flues: If you have one chimney that is there to support more than one flue, then we would use a slightly different product. It would have to be custom built to fit around all of the openings and enclosures.
  • Material of chimney: Most of the caps we install are on brick chimneys. This is the most traditional building material for this kind of structure. When we see chimneys that are made of stone, masonry, or mud, we have to create a custom fit cap that will not damage the materials there.

Visibility of chimney: Generally, when we are working on a chimney, we are working on a piece of the house that is not really visible from the street. This means that what we put on top of the chimney will have no bearing one way or the other on the curb appeal of the home. If, however, we see that the chimney is an important part of the overall look of the home, then we will suggest using a more decorative cap. This will allow it to be functional as well as beautiful so you can get the best of both worlds and keep your home looking great.