A Buyer’s Guide to Chimney Caps

Did you recently hire someone for a chimney sweep in Roswell, GA? Were you told that you need to replace your chimney cap? A damaged chimney cap is a fire safety issue and needs repairing right away. If you’re in the market for a new cap, check out this brief buying...

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Benefits of Installing a Top-Mount Damper

Your chimney's damper is important in your home's insulation. By sealing your chimney when it's not in use, a damper is able to keep your home's warm air inside where it belongs, while preventing cold outside air from getting in. There are basically two types of...

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What Is Causing Damage to Your Flue Liner?

The flue liner of your chimney isn't just a helpful tool, it's actually a vital safety component that protects your chimney, fireplace, and home from dangerous effects like overheating. Regular inspections by a chimney repair team can keep your home safe from damage...

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