Learn How Cold Weather Affects Your Chimney

Like any other part of your house, with winter here, you need to understand the ways in which the cold weather affects your chimney. After all, not only do you want to prevent any damage that needs to be repaired later, you're going to need that chimney to help you...

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Major Signs It’s Time for Dryer Vent Cleaning

People don't often put a lot of thought into what's going on with their dryer vents. And why would they? But after months or years of reliable service out of your dryer, it might be time for dryer vent cleaning. After all, all that air that dries your clothes has to...

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Reasons to Remove Glazed Creosote from Your Chimney

Creosote, tar, and soot are byproducts of burning wood that does not burn completely, or without enough heat. The smoke from the burning wood contains the creosote, a black, tarry substance. As the smoke flows up the chimney, some of the creosote cools and sticks to...

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