5 of the Most Common Chimney Repairs

Now that the weather's starting to cool off, you may be thinking about the warm glow from your fireplace. The best way to ensure fireplace safety this winter is to make sure your chimney is in good condition. A professional inspection can make sure you don't have any...

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Make Sure Your Chimney Is Clean This Fall

Now that summer is over, and winter is just around the corner, it means you need to start thinking about chimney maintenance. Is your home’s chimney ready for winter? If you haven’t scheduled your annual chimney cleaning and inspection, do so now. This valuable...

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Things to Know about Winterizing Your Fireplace

It's important to keep your chimney and fireplace in good condition in order to avoid problems that can be dangerous as well as costly. Sometimes fireplace repair in Dallas can be avoided if you properly winterize your fireplace. Here are some simple things you can do...

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