How to Tell When a Chimney Needs Cleaning

There's no easy answer for when it's a good time to clean a chimney. There's no one obvious standard such as every year, or every 20 uses. Every chimney is different, and creosote can form at different rates depending on the chimney and a variety of conditions. And,...

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How to Prevent Heat Loss from Your Fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces have an amazing ambiance and for centuries were the only way to heat a home in the winter. While everyone likes the glow of a fire in a fireplace, it's a very inefficient way to heat a home. In fact, if you do not take measures to control the...

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How Often Do You Need Your Chimney Swept?

You love your fireplace. You're gathered around the hearth with the family on a cold night during another beautiful holiday season when it hits you: should I get my chimney cleaned? Do you even remember the last time you've had it swept? Dirty chimneys can be...

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