Increase Your Home Value with a Fireplace Makeover

When you’re looking to sell a home, it makes sense to find every possible avenue to increase resale value. Upgrading and maintaining an existing feature like a built-in fireplace is the perfect place to spend a little cash and attention. Whether your fireplace is in...

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5 Factors That Lead to Chimney Leakage

Water has a dark side. Unseen, it wreaks havoc on a house and sneaks into the tiniest hidden spaces. Over time, the expansion and contraction of water can destroy a stone façade, cause cracks in a sidewalk, or provide the perfect environment for toxic molds to grow...

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3 Reasons for Annual Masonry Chimney Cleaning

Winter is coming! And, it’s bringing with it long, cold nights perfect for snuggling in front of a wood-burning fire with a book and steaming mug of tea… binge-watching your favorite shows with family and friends… or even planning a romantic candlelight dinner for...

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