Are There Different Types of Caps for Different Climates?

We love helping people better understand why chimney caps in Atlanta are such good investments to make for anyone who has a wood-burning fireplace. These caps can keep your chimney clean and safe, and prevents certain critters from trying to become unwanted tenants. ...

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What Tools Are Needed to Clean a Chimney?

Cleaning your chimney regularly is essential to your home safety. As you use your fireplace, a layer of flammable creosote builds up along the inside of your chimney. Once it becomes too thick, even a small spark can set it on fire, taking much of your house along...

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Different Chimney Cap Styles

Chimney caps are an important safety feature on your chimney, keeping sparks from flying out and landing on your roof or lawn. They also keep out pesky animals and help protect your chimney against harsh weather. Depending on your chimney, there may be multiple types...

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