Preparing Your Chimney for Warmer Weather

You may not think about your chimney after you’re done using it for the winter, but regular maintenance throughout the year can be beneficial. In fact, if you hire a chimney sweep in Roswell, GA, you may find it easier to get this project done in warmer weather....

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Do You Need a New Chimney Cap?

When it comes to chimneys, most people pay little to no attention to their care and maintenance. Unless something is obviously wrong, like smoke coming into the home, the chimney is left alone. However, smart people realize that a chimney needs to be cared for just...

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What Is a Chimney Cap?

In easy terms, a chimney cap is exactly what it sounds like; it is something that goes on top of your chimney to protect it and your home from the dangers that a chimney can otherwise spawn. At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, LLC in Atlanta, GA, we know that there are choices...

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