An Insider’s Guide to Soot Buildup

There are over 20,000 chimney and fireplace-related fires each year in the United States. A majority of these fires are caused by a buildup of creosote, more commonly known as soot. Here are some facts we think you should know about soot in your chimney. What Is Soot?...

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How Old Chimneys Can Be Scarier Than Dating Taylor Swift

While we’re pretty sure Taylor Swift was exaggerating just a little when she informed the world in “Blank Space” that her exes think she’s insane, we do know there’s quite a list of them, and many of them are immortalized in song form. The ups and downs of a...

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5 Benefits of Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Chimney liners perform a very important function for your chimney and home. The liner helps protect the masonry of the chimney from exposure to gases an smoke that can cause deterioration over time, as well as preventing the smoke and these gases, such as hazardous...

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Checking Your Roof and Chimney for Damage after a Hailstorm

Did you know that hail can damage your roof and cause leaks? If you live in an area that gets hailstorms, then it's a good idea to inspect your roof after each storm to assess any damage. If you let any damage to your roof or chimney go unnoticed, you could soon have...

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Do You Have a Roof Leak or a Chimney Leak?

When you first discover that you have a leak inside the house, you might just simply stick a pail underneath the dripping water and forget all about it, hoping the rain will stop and the problem will go away. This is not a good plan. It's better to get the leak fixed...

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The Dangers of a Chimney in Disrepair

Chimneys often bring to mind a cozy, warm setting on a chilly night. But a chimney that is in disrepair can cause a lot of damage to a home and its inhabitants. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that a chimney be inspected at least once a...

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How to Choose Your Chimney Sweep Provider

Most people who have fireplaces do not know that an annual chimney cleaning is vital to the functioning of your fireplace and chimney as well as having many health benefits for you and your family. We'd like to explain some things that you should look for when looking...

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3 Ways Chimney Caps Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home

Chimney caps serve a very important function. They help keep out leaves and other debris that can cause chimney blockages, prevent animals from finding their way inside your chimney, and prevent water from entering the chimney to cause damage to masonry, liners,...

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