What Is a Chimney Sweep?

Chimney sweepThe first chimneys in Britain appeared around 1200 BCE. Fireplaces took the place of the open fire that burned in the middle of a one-room house. Over the next 400 centuries, rooms became smaller and each needed its own chimney. Coal replaced wood, and creosote built up inside the chimneys. The first chimney sweep to offer cleaning services was called a master sweep, and he used children as young as six to climb up through the narrow chimney to brush off the creosote. Children were even sold by their parents to work for the master sweep. The children were fed and cleaned weekly, or sometimes only three times a year, depending on the master. Continue reading What Is a Chimney Sweep?

Get Your Gas Fireplace Serviced This Summer

fireplace“I am thinking about my fireplace in the middle of summer” said no one about fireplace repair in Dallas, GA, ever. The fact is all of us tend to put things like fireplaces out of our minds once the cold weather recedes. Now, though, is exactly the time we should be thinking about our fireplaces and furnaces and getting them serviced for the inevitable march of colder weather that will be here before we know it. Here are some general maintenance tips for servicing your fireplace now as opposed to when you want to use it. Continue reading Get Your Gas Fireplace Serviced This Summer

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Chimney

cheminée de toitWhen the weather is warm, you may not be thinking about fireplace or chimney safety and how you can keep them in good condition for winter. However, summer is the perfect time to think about chimney repair in Marietta, GA, because a repair technician can easily assess its condition and what steps to take in order to ensure it works well throughout the winter. Here’s what you should do this summer to make sure your fireplace and chimney are ready to go this winter. Continue reading Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Chimney

Reasons to Hire a Professional Chimney Sweep

Roof with chimney, modern ceramic tileA fireplace in your home is the ultimate feeling of comfort and repose, especially on cool rainy days or in the midst of the winter season. If you don’t perform the proper upkeep and maintenance of your chimney, then you won’t get to enjoy the benefits of it whenever the season is just right. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional chimney sweet in Kennesaw to help you out. Continue reading Reasons to Hire a Professional Chimney Sweep

How to Find Out If Your Chimney Is Leaking

Modern house roof with chimney smoke, air pollution and smog in winter, ecological problemsNo matter when it happens or when you notice it, there’s no “upside” to a leaking chimney. Worse, discovering a leak means you just noticed it, not that it just happened. Chances are, it has been leaking or a while and you need to get it taken care of as soon as possible. If you think you might need chimney leak repair in Alpharetta, GA, here are some telltale signs you do. Continue reading How to Find Out If Your Chimney Is Leaking

Different Types of Chimneys

chimney roof house with blue skyThere are several different types of fireplaces, creating different needs from your chimney as well. If you’re interested in trying to develop a more thorough understanding of the different types of chimneys out there, you’ve come to the right place. As you prepare to find the right chimney sweep in Alpharetta, here’s what you need to know about different types of chimneys. Continue reading Different Types of Chimneys

Common Factors That Cause Chimney Leaks

chimneyChimney leaks aren’t uncommon. They can occur at any time, and are relatively harmless for short periods of time. If left untreated, however, they can cause severe damage that can be very expensive to repair. To catch leaks before they lead to bigger problems down the road, be sure to have regular inspections from experts in chimney leak repair in Alpharetta, GA, and keep an eye out for these common problems. Continue reading Common Factors That Cause Chimney Leaks