What Is a Chimney Sweep?

Chimney sweepThe first chimneys in Britain appeared around 1200 BCE. Fireplaces took the place of the open fire that burned in the middle of a one-room house. Over the next 400 centuries, rooms became smaller and each needed its own chimney. Coal replaced wood, and creosote built up inside the chimneys. The first chimney sweep to offer cleaning services was called a master sweep, and he used children as young as six to climb up through the narrow chimney to brush off the creosote. Children were even sold by their parents to work for the master sweep. The children were fed and cleaned weekly, or sometimes only three times a year, depending on the master. Continue reading What Is a Chimney Sweep?

Get Your Gas Fireplace Serviced This Summer

fireplace“I am thinking about my fireplace in the middle of summer” said no one about fireplace repair in Dallas, GA, ever. The fact is all of us tend to put things like fireplaces out of our minds once the cold weather recedes. Now, though, is exactly the time we should be thinking about our fireplaces and furnaces and getting them serviced for the inevitable march of colder weather that will be here before we know it. Here are some general maintenance tips for servicing your fireplace now as opposed to when you want to use it. Continue reading Get Your Gas Fireplace Serviced This Summer