Why Your Fireplace Is Smoking Up the House

1632993_Atlanta Chimney Doctor,LLC_Why Your Fireplace Is Smoking Up the HouseThe professionals at Atlanta Chimney Doctor know that everyone enjoys a roaring fire. Maybe you like to catch up on your reading by the fireside. Many couples enjoy a romantic dinner next to the fireplace. Of course, most homeowners appreciate it as a useful treat on cold nights, but no one wants to deal with smoke stains or the odor that a smoky chimney leaves behind. A well-maintained fireplace shouldn’t need more than an occasional cleaning, and can last for many years. Unfortunately, there are some common problems that can get in the way of making the most out of your fireplace. Continue reading Why Your Fireplace Is Smoking Up the House

Common Myths about Chimneys

Chimney being painted surrounded by a construction frame for worker accessA good chimney has been a staple of the American home for centuries now, and whether it’s used as a utility or a luxury, a chimney is an important feature that needs to be taken care of. However, as long as the chimney has been cherished, there comes many myths and wives’ tales that many have fallen weary to. To keep your chimney in a good state and enjoy it for years to come, it’s important to realize a handful of particular truths about your chimney. Continue reading Common Myths about Chimneys

Problems That Can Arise from Dirty Dryer Vents

Taking the lent of Dryer MachineYou may not know this, but one of society’s greatest innovations is just down the hall. Frequently overlooked, your washer and dryer set is an amazing technology that has improved people’s lives greatly over the past century. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your machines in good condition. An infamous problem that plagues Americans unfortunately often is with dirty dryer vents. To explain common problems with your dryer vent, you first need to know how your dryer usage has a daily impact on dryer vent cleaning. Continue reading Problems That Can Arise from Dirty Dryer Vents