What to Do if Your Chimney is Leaking?

Afternoon showers are a regular occurrence in Marietta, but if your chimney isn’t up to par, it can spell disaster. Water in your chimney can be caused by several different factors, none of which should be left untreated.

No Chimney Cap

It is possible for a chimney cap to blow away during a hurricane but replacing it should be a priority. Capless chimneys let in not only rainwater but birds and animals as well. Continue reading What to Do if Your Chimney is Leaking?

What Cap Best Suits Your Chimney?

Chimney caps in Atlanta, GA, are a must-have for homeowners. They keep birds and rodents from making their homes in your flue and blocking the airflow. Chimney caps protect your chimney from leaks during the rainy season and snow in the winter. An uncapped chimney is an invitation for mold and long-term damage. The question is, what kind of chimney cap works best for you? The experts at Atlanta Chimney Doctor have a few tips that will help you select the right cap for your needs. Continue reading What Cap Best Suits Your Chimney?