What Can Cause a Chimney to Leak?

Chimneys are a great necessity for those who have fireplaces, but having a leaky chimney can cause problems. Some of these problems can include a wet fireplace, and not being able to use the fireplace, and water damage. Here are a few things we suggest you check if you suspect a chimney leak.

Chimney Cap

Having a chimney cap on top of the chimney can greatly reduce the amount of water that is leaked into the fireplace. These caps can last for many years and can keep other things like animals and gunk out of the chimney and fireplace as well. A broken chimney cap can cause water to get inside the chimney.

Cracked Bricks

Cracks in the bricks or mortar of the chimney are another possible culprit of chimney leaks. These cracks can go easily unnoticed because they can be quite small. We suggest you contact a professional for a chimney leak repair in Marietta, if you have a chimney leak but can’t find where it is coming from.


The area where the chimney meets the roof must be sealed properly to avoid water leaking into, and around, the chimney. This is called the flashing, and it is often made of aluminum that is implanted in the bricks and then bent down to meet the roof underneath the shingles. Other waterproof materials can sometimes be used for flashing, and these have a better chance of preventing chimney leaks. Problems with the flashing, or gaps and holes in the flashing, can often cause a chimney to leak.

Leaking chimneys can cause a host of problems, some of which include a wet fireplace, or even water damage. Getting to the bottom of the cause of the leak is very important and can prevent a small leak from escalating into a larger problem. We suggest you contact a professional to help you find a leak if you aren’t successful at finding the cause of a leaking chimney.

Is Your Fireplace Wet?

A wet fireplace can indicate a chimney problem. Finding the cause of this problem can be difficult, but here are some of the most common causes that we’ve compiled for you.

Cracked Fireplace or Bricks

Any water that is getting through to the fireplace has to come from somewhere. Most of the time, it is through the top of the chimney or from leaks in the chimney. These leaks are often caused by cracks in the brick or mortar of the chimney. This is very common in houses with older chimneys, but the problem can sometimes be remedied by patching the leak.

No Chimney Cap

Chimney caps can prevent water from running straight down the chimney into the fireplace. Chimney caps in Atlanta, and other wet areas, are very important to prevent soaking the fireplace. Other things, like animals and leaves, can get into a chimney without a chimney cap and cause issues.

Broken Chimney Cap

A broken chimney cap can also cause a wet fireplace. Old caps that have been used for many years are prone to cracking. Luckily, these caps aren’t too expensive and can easily be replaced.

Wet fireplaces can mean problems with the chimney. Cracked bricks or leaks in the chimney can cause water to get into the fireplace. A broken chimney cap, or the lack of a chimney cap, can also allow water into the chimney. If your fireplace is wet and you can’t find the cause, we recommend contacting a professional for help.

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Expected Costs When Repairing Your Chimney

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