Best Halloween-Inspired Chimneys

Owl on the branchHalloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year for children and adults alike. The original roots of the holiday are religious as it precedes All Hallow’s Day or All Saint’s Day–a celebration to honor the dead, including martyrs, saints and other deceased faithful believers. Most Halloween celebrations in America today aren’t religious and typically include trick-or-treating, costume parties, carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, playing pranks, watching scary movies, and visiting haunted attractions. Many different influences have changed Halloween from a religious ceremony into what most people think of today. If you’re hoping to go all out this year by decorating your roof for the big occasion, don’t neglect the chimney! At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, we have some great ideas to jazz up your chimney for this festive occasion.

Crawling Up

One simple and inexpensive way to spruce up your chimney to wow the partygoers and trick-or-treaters is to decorate with various objects climbing up the chimney. For example, you can make or buy giant spiders and position them like they are crawling up the chimney. Add some extra drama with cobwebs strewn about the chimney and roof like the spider has claimed the territory. You could use monsters, ghosts, or zombies crawling up the roof like an invasion! Skeletons can also be incredibly fun to position in different ways crawling up the roof. Be creative and the sky is the limit.

Coming In or Out

You might also consider having decorations coming in or out of the chimney. For instance, you could hook bats up to wires and attach them to the chimney so it looks like they are flying out. You could also put witch’s feet or monster feet coming out the top like they’re climbing down into your house. Before you place decorations down the chimney, you might want a proper chimney cleaning in Atlanta to keep you and your decorations from getting sooty. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to love celebrating Halloween with a festive chimney!

Dirty Chimneys by the Numbers

Nobody likes to pay money for maintenance around their home for a number of reasons. You might feel that you can do the job better yourself. You might think that spending money on maintenance that doesn’t improve the look of your home or really change anything about your home is a waste of time and resources. Maybe you haven’t given chimney cleaning a second thought until the weather turns cold and you are ready to build a fire in your fireplace. Regardless of why you are putting off getting your chimney cleaned, now is the time to give the task serious consideration. Not sure you want to spend the money? We’re here to tell you why you need a Chimney Sweep in Atlanta or your area before the cold weather sets in.

Why You Need a Chimney Sweep

chimney repair – before and after

Here at Atlanta Chimney Doctor, we know the importance of keeping a chimney clean. We have seen many a mishap and misfortune occur because of neglecting to get an annual sweep of a chimney. If you want peace of mind this winter, a chimney sweep should be scheduled soon, a few weeks before you plan on using your fireplace. Check out these stats to learn why a clean chimney may save you money:

  • Homeowners should have their fireplaces cleaned annually: Even if your fireplace is used infrequently, experts agree that it should still be cleaned and inspected regularly. The National Fire Protection Association asserts that every fireplace should be inspected for damage and fire hazards such as bird nests each year, regardless of how frequently the fireplace is in use. Regular inspections and cleanings are the ultimate protection against house fires caused by fireplaces.
  • Chimney fires are a common occurrence: Chimney fires occur more frequently than you might imagine. It is estimated that 25,000 chimney fires occur each year. A large portion of these fires were preventable if homeowners would have heeded the National Fire Protection Association and kept their fireplace properly maintained.
  • Chimney cleaning is affordable: According to Angie’s List, homeowners typically pay an average of $178 for annual chimney cleanings. The cost may be lower or higher depending upon your area, but when you consider the costs of most home maintenance repairs and services done by professionals, this fee is quite affordable. Every homeowner who plans to make use of their fireplace in the winter needs to invest in the safety and security of their home with the use of a chimney sweep!
  • Fire and smoke damage is expensive: Putting aside all risks to health, chimney fires are expensive as well! One average a homeowner can expect to pay $2,000-6,000 on fire and smoke damage repairs. Depending upon the damage to your home and your insurance coverage, you may end up spending a lot more! The minimal cost of a chimney cleaning and simple maintenance will prevent any chance of an expensive chimney fire. When you balance the minimal costs against the risks of a serious expense, it makes financial sense to invest in annual chimney cleanings!

chimney repair – before and after

What the World Would Be Like without Chimney Repair Services

chimney repair – before and after

You may not know it, but your home has a frightening and dangerous villain lurking above it: the chimney. Failing to conduct a chimney cleaning in Atlanta on a regular basis may open your household up to the dangers brought on by your villainous chimney. Chimney repair services can help you in the following ways:

Remove Dangerous Gases

Carbon monoxide is one dangerous gas that lives within your home. Proper ventilation and carbon monoxide detectors can protect your household from illness or death. Your chimney can hold in these gases if you don’t take the time to remove any blockages that could hold the dangerous gases in your home.

Prevent Structural Damage

If you have leaks or cracks in your chimney, the heat and creosote can build up and harm your home. These areas need to be filled in order to protect the structural integrity of your home.

Thwart House Fires

Creosote is highly flammable. As it builds up on the sides of your chimney, you could end up having a fire hazard on your hands. The creosote should be cleaned out to prevent any fires. During the process, a professional should check your chimney for other problem areas that could lead to a fire.

Improve Heating Efficiency

With holes and cracks in your chimney, the heat in your home has a place to escape. If you’re heating your home, you don’t want any cracks that will allow the heat to escape and your heating bill to skyrocket. Having these cracks filled or capping your chimney can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your home and keep your bills low.

Some of the most common repairs that we perform includes removing creosote buildup, removing debris and blockages, and filling cracks and holes. If you haven’t had your chimney repaired in a while, it’s time to contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor as soon as possible to make sure that your home and everyone in it is safe from your chimney.

The 3 Best Resources for Fireplace Remodeling

chimney repair – before and after

Fireplaces can be incredibly beautiful statements in your home. But if you have a worn out fireplace in that is making a less than desirable statement, we can help you. Here at the The Chimney Doctors in Atlanta, we love to tackle projects that take older fireplaces and transform them into something new and stunning. You have a lot of choices when it comes to this kind of work, but there are 3 main materials we like to use in these renovations.


This is the most common, which makes sense as it is the most cost-effective item to use for fireplace inserts in Alpharetta. Brick now comes in a lot of colors, which means you have choices. You can choose a striking color that will make this an accent piece, or we can find a brick that will blend well with your existing color palate. You also have a choice in the size of brick and the way we lay it out with you. We would love the chance to talk about some of these options with you so that you kind find the right option for your home.


Tile is something we like using to line the exterior of fireplaces, and it also works as a nice twist on the traditional hearth. Tile can take a lot of heat and is possible to mount anywhere we like with the right grout. Interior designers are leaning heavily on this kind of fireplace material as it is beautiful and more noticeable than brick, but stays in the mid-range of the budget.


This is our favorite material to bring to fireplace renovation projects. A lot of decor trends are heading in the direction of natural looking materials. You can’t get more natural than actual stones brought down from the mountain. The right shape and color of stone can create the perfect central figure in your home. Stone is also the most durable of all the materials we use, and will need the least amount of maintenance, so that is always something to take into consideration.


Why You Need Chimney Cleaning before Winter

Before you sell your house, there are many things to think about, from the price down to how quickly you need it to sell. Here are the top 3 things you should know before selling your house.

Get a Realtor with a Guarantee.  These days, there are countless real estate agents out there that only care about their commission. But selling a house yourself is not easy. There’s no reason you can’t find a great middle ground with a real estate agent who puts your needs first.

Research various agencies before you make a decision. Ask potential agents questions about how you will benefit from hiring them, how they will sell the house, and what happens if they don’t sell it.

Overpricing Can Cost You

Whether you are selling real estate in Greer, SC, or anywhere else, you should have a good idea about how much you’ll be able to get for your home or if there’s anything you can do to keep the asking price up without going too high. If you or your Realtor asks for too much initially, it can end up costing you in the end.

If your house is listed for too much, you might help sell other homes in the area that are priced to sell, your home could stay on the market longer, and you could lose any market interest you had. A qualified, honest agent will know how much you can reasonably get for your home and how to sell it quicker.

Look Beyond the Surface

As you get your home ready to show to potential buyers, remember that beauty is more than skin deep. In addition to keeping your home looking very clean on first glance, go a step further and attend to minor flaws as well. Steam cleaning the carpet, replacing loose doorknobs, and washing your windows until they sparkle can go along way when attracting a buyer.chimney repair – before and after