The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

Did you know that your company that specializes in chimney cleaning in Atlanta, GA, also specializes in dryer vent cleaning and repair? While your chimney and flue may pose a fire risk to your home, so does your dryer vent. In fact, the USFA estimates that there are approximately 2,900 fires occur each year due to dryers. Along with this high number, it’s estimated that 5 people will be killed and 100 injuries will occur due to dryer fires. Not cleaning the dryer properly is one of the leading causes of these fires and can easily be prevented with the right knowledge. Along with reducing the risk of fire, here are a few other reasons to keep your dryer vent clean and in good repair. Continue reading The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace for Fall

Your fireplace is a central feature in your home, an architectural detail that inspires warmth and a sense of home. The comfort of gathering around a fireplace, or even centering your furniture around it, creates feelings of calm and relief, even when it is not cold outside. Unfortunately, it is about to become colder out as fall approaches, which means that your fireplace may get some use again fairly soon. Before you open the flue and light a fire, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your fireplace for the fall season. It is important to do these tasks now, as the warm weather of summer is just beginning to fade, rather than wait until the cool air begins to bite. What do you need to do and why is it important to schedule these tasks soon? What can you gain from professional resources like Atlanta Chimney Doctor? Read on for all the pertinent information that can help you care for your fireplace. Continue reading Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace for Fall

The Importance of Chimney Flashing Repair

A chimney and fireplace system is a complex set of parts that all need to work together. Because most of these parts are out of sight, it’s easy to forget about some of the most important materials that help you make good use out of your fireplace, including the chimney flashing. Have you maintained your chimney’s flashing? Do you know what it does and why it is so important? Who should you hire to inspect and repair it, if necessary? Can a professional in chimney cleaning in Alpharetta do this work for you? Find out the answers to these questions below before you use your fireplace again. Continue reading The Importance of Chimney Flashing Repair

When Should You Clean Your Chimney?

Chimney on roof of house on sunny dayChimney sweeps have a tough job, but one that is very valuable to you as a homeowner with a fireplace in your home. Without chimney sweeps, your chimney would frequently get clogged with residue, dirt, debris, soot, and even birds’ or rodents’ nests. This is precisely one of the major reasons that professionals recommend you have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. Here are some of the things you might not have known about chimneys that might change your tune if you have been resistant to getting it cleaned out every year. Continue reading When Should You Clean Your Chimney?

Reasons Why You May Find Chimney Leaks at Home

The summer sun won’t last forever. Soon, the leaves will fall and the temperature will drop. If your chimney is leaking, you could find yourself out in the cold once winter hits. Your chimney is an integral part of your fireplace, so it’s important to maintain and inspect it regularly. When a leak is detected, it’s important to determine the source and call for chimney repair in Alpharetta. But, just where is that leak coming from? Continue reading Reasons Why You May Find Chimney Leaks at Home

How to Fix a Chimney Roof Leak

A leak around a chimney can be a severe problem for you and your home. What can start as a few drops being allowed entry can turn into a cascade of moisture-related disasters, from ruined flooring to pest intrusion. Moisture can even destroy the chimney itself, cracking mortar, ruining brick, and allowing mold and other fungal matter to grow, spread, and take hold. All of this means that if you notice a Kennesaw, GA, chimney roof leak, you need to do something about it right away. Continue reading How to Fix a Chimney Roof Leak

How to Find the Best Chimney Repair Company

Your fireplace is source of warmth and comfort for your family, especially during the winter. In some cases, it can also be a source of leaks and water damage. It’s important to inspect your chimney regularly and check for any areas that may be damaged. If you find that your chimney is letting in water, it’s time to call a professional. Whether it’s the mortar that’s cracked or a damaged flashing, here are a few ways that you can find the right company to handle your chimney repair in Alpharetta. Continue reading How to Find the Best Chimney Repair Company

6 Signs Your Chimney Crown Needs Repairing

ChimneyA chimney crown is a beautiful accessory to your home’s exterior, especially if it complements the architectural style of the structure. When it shows signs of damage, it means more than a less-attractive feature, though. After all, a chimney crown has several practical purposes. For example, you may end up with a leaking chimney, which can lead to its own variety of problems. Continue reading 6 Signs Your Chimney Crown Needs Repairing