What Causes Chimney Odors

Modern house roof with chimney smoke, air pollution and smog in winter, ecological problemsYour fireplace brings you a lot of comfort in the cold months. Having a chimney sweep in Acworth, GA, visit before the cold hits will help keep your chimney functional during the winter while avoiding any of the problems that you might face due to a lack of maintenance. Even if you do hire a chimney sweep for regular maintenance, you should call him or her if you smell anything weird or bad coming from the chimney. These most common causes of bad smells are animals and a build up of creosote. Here’s a little bit about each of them. Continue reading What Causes Chimney Odors

Reasons Your Fireplace is Smoking up Your House

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If your fireplace fills the room with smoke when you light it, there’s a long list of possible reasons why. The first step is to determine if the smoke is situational. It’s normal for downdrafts and a few puffs of smoke to blow down the chimney and into the room from time to time. But if you light up the fireplace and it immediately fills the room with smoke, a closer inspection may be needed to determine the cause. Continue reading Reasons Your Fireplace is Smoking up Your House

What to Do If You Suspect Mold in Your Chimney

ChimneyIf you have a strange smell coming from your chimney, you should call a chimney sweep in Alpharetta, GA, to look at what’s going on. Odors can come from dead and living animals in the flue, a buildup of creosote, or mold growth. None of which are good for your fireplace. In addition to being harmful to the fireplace, mold can spread from your chimney to other parts of your home, which can affect the resale value and your family’s health. You may not use your chimney during the warm months, but you should keep an eye (and nose) on it to make sure that it’s usable when the cold hits. Continue reading What to Do If You Suspect Mold in Your Chimney

What Causes Structural Damage to Your Chimney

Schäden an SchornsteinIf you need chimney repair in Dallas, GA, you might rightly wonder what can cause a chimney to become unsafe. There are many causes of structural damage, but the most common are generally not something you can prevent. Chimneys are usually built to withstand abuse from the environment and intense heat. However, if your chimney has experienced any of the following, you could have problems. Continue reading What Causes Structural Damage to Your Chimney

5 of the Most Common Chimney Repairs

Chimney RepairNow that the weather’s starting to cool off, you may be thinking about the warm glow from your fireplace. The best way to ensure fireplace safety this winter is to make sure your chimney is in good condition. A professional inspection can make sure you don’t have any problems or repairs that need to be addressed before you build a fire. Here are 5 of the most common issues requiring chimney repair in Marietta, GA. Continue reading 5 of the Most Common Chimney Repairs

Make Sure Your Chimney Is Clean This Fall

chimneyNow that summer is over, and winter is just around the corner, it means you need to start thinking about chimney maintenance. Is your home’s chimney ready for winter? If you haven’t scheduled your annual chimney cleaning and inspection, do so now. This valuable service helps protect your home from fire and other problems. Homes that catch leaks and get chimney leak repair in Alpharetta, GA, have fewer chances of developing a devastating chimney fire. So, before you turn the calendar on fall, check out these reasons why now is the perfect time for chimney maintenance services. Continue reading Make Sure Your Chimney Is Clean This Fall

How to Keep Your Chimney Pest-Free

handwerkJust the sight of a fireplace can be charming. Stylish and old-fashioned, its very image is associated with warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, pests feel the same way. Ask any professional chimney sweep in Marietta, GA, and they’ll likely have horror stories about the creatures that they’ve seen living in chimneys, enjoying the warmth and privacy of its dark confinement. Ask your neighbors, and they too may have horror stories about finding raccoons, rats, ants, or other pests living in their chimneys.  Continue reading How to Keep Your Chimney Pest-Free

Four Common Chimney Repairs

Worker on the roofAs a homeowner, you should know that the best way to keep your chimney running smoothly is to schedule regular sweeping and annual inspection services from a certified company. However, even with proper maintenance, your chimney can suffer problems for various reasons. Here are some of the most common chimney repairs in Dallas, GA, to give you an understanding of what needs to be done for your particular situation. Continue reading Four Common Chimney Repairs